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FreQuently asked questions

Below are a selection of answers, to the questions that we are frequently asked by customers, for your information.

QHow do I go about getting a quote?

Once you have a good idea of what you are thinking of having done, we can gladly give you an accurate, personalised Quote.

The best way of us doing this is to let us see some images of your particular interior. From this we can gauge what would be involved in carrying out your requirements and give you options and prices. If you’ve not got images of your own caravan, motorhome or boat interior to hand, people often send us a link to an identical example that’s for sale somewhere on-line.

QDo you have the sizes of all the caravan/motorhome/boat cushions that have been made?

Over the 35+ years we’ve been running our business, we have found numerous examples of upholstery that in theory should be the same as the last example we worked on of that model and year, but are in fact very different. As a result, we never assume anything! So every order is made to exactly what you require for your particular needs.

QDo you have a Showroom?

We don’t have a physical showroom, but we have put a lot of time and energy into putting all of our 1,000+ fabrics onto our unique on-line Fabric Selector.

This allows you to search for particular colours/types of fabrics and we are then, once you have received a Quotation from us, very happy to post you free fabric samples for you to peruse at home.

QI’m not local to Bristol, can you still help me?

Usually, yes!

We have a FREE Mainland UK Collection Service to collect your motorhome/caravan/boat upholstery by courier.

The only exception to this is motorhome cab seats and trim panels as these risk getting damaged if collected by courier.

So we can either have your van here while we carry out the work, or if you can bring your cab seats to us yourself, we can collect everything else from you by courier.

QDo you offer the cheapest prices?

Right from Day 1, we have never aimed to offer the cheapest way of doing things. If you’re looking to just find the least expensive way of having your leisure furnishings made, then we’re probably not the company you’re looking for.

If however you are wanting excellent quality work done, using high quality fabrics and foams and with exceptional attention to detail, then we proudly offer you exactly that.

QDo your prices Include Vat and delivery?

All prices we quote to retail customers INCLUDE Vat at 20%. We also deliver throughout Mainland UK FREE of CHARGE for all orders over £100.

QAre you an internet only company?

Definitely not. We own and occupy our own 22,000 sq ft premises on the outskirts of Bristol.

QAre you going to try and persuade me to spend more money?

Absolutely not. We simply want you to receive exactly what you are looking for and be delighted with your order, regardless of how much or little you spend with us.

In many instances we actually suggest a less expensive way of doing a job than the customer has thought of. Our reputation for honesty and transparency is far more valuable to us than trying to make ‘a quick buck’.

QWould it be advisable to just have brand new cushions made, rather than have my existing ones re-upholstered?

High quality, fire retardant foam is by no means cheap nowadays. So, if you are relatively happy with the comfort of your existing cushions, there would be no logic in spending a great deal extra with us to have them replaced with brand new.

However sometimes the seat cushions will have lost their original comfort and so changing the fillings makes sense. More often than not the backrest cushions will still be fine from a comfort point of view so can be re-used.

QIf I buy my fabric elsewhere can you still use it for my job?

With over 1,000 fabrics to choose from the vast majority of our customers find a fabric they like. However, we don’t mind using your own fabric if you prefer. We’d always suggest that you let us see and check the suitability of any fabric before you buy it.

QDo you offer a ‘while-you-wait’ service?

We’ve purposely avoided offering to completely refurbish your caravan or motorhome within 8 or 9 hours! We believe that in order to give every order the care and attention to detail that it deserves, we need plenty of time to do so, rather than having to rush because the customer is waiting to drive away!

QHow long does it take to do my order?

It depends on what we are doing for you and the time of year; we are generally at our busiest during the winter and early spring. Whatever your timescales, contact us and we’ll happily give you an idea of current lead times and do our best to meet your needs.

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