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Frequently Asked Questions

QIs it worth travelling to your Showroom?

It’s by no means essential, but visitors find there are many benefits in doing so.... You’ll able to see our entire fabric range in decent size pattern books, rather than just looking at images or us sending you small swatches.

If you’re thinking of having new foam then we have numerous grades for you to try out both sitting and lying, so you know what you would be getting if you decide to order.

We can show you different ways of doing your work and explain the different costs.

QHow do I go about getting a quote?

If you’re not able to visit our Showroom, or you’d like an idea first, the best way is to let us see some images of your interior. From this we can gauge what would be involved in carrying out your requirements and give you options and prices.

If you’ve not got images of your own caravan, motorhome or boat interior to hand, people often send us a link to an identical example that’s for sale somewhere on line.

QWould it be advisable to just have brand new cushions made, rather than have my existing ones re-upholstered?

Good quality foam is not cheap, so think carefully if you really want new cushions……if your existing cushions are still comfortable, it will save you money to have them re-upholstered rather than throw them away and start from scratch! However we’ll happily make brand new cushions for as few or as many cushions as you wish.

QIf I buy my fabric elsewhere can you still use it for my job?

With over 4,000 fabrics to choose from the vast majority of our customers find a fabric they like. However, we don’t mind using your own fabric if you prefer. We’d always suggest that you let us see and check the suitability of any fabric before you buy it.

QDo you offer a ‘while-you-wait’ service?

We’ve purposely avoided offering to completely refurbish your caravan or motorhome within 8 or 9 hours! We believe that in order to give every order the care and attention to detail that it deserves, we need plenty of time to do so, rather than having to rush because the customer is waiting to drive away!

Q How long does it take to do my order?

It depends on what we are doing for you and the time of year; we are generally at our busiest during the winter and early spring.

Whatever your timescales, contact us and we’ll happily give you an idea of current lead times and do our best to meet your needs.

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Re-upholstery of existing cushions using one of our contemporary upholstery fabrics. Click image for larger view
Plain and patterned combination of fabrics and contrasting piping. Click image for larger view
June stripping the original covering from a cushion
Bonding a polyester wrap to the original cushion
Cutting the new upholstery fabric