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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Our HORSEBOX Cushion Upholstery & Furnishings

Below are a selection of questions and answers that we are commonly asked, by customers, relating to our Horsebox Upholstery and Furnishings.

QHow do I get an Upholstery Quotation?

All you need to do to receive a Quote is to send us some images of the upholstery in your particular Horsebox.

QCan you send me fabric samples?

Yes, you can view over 1,000 fabrics here and once you have had a Quotation from us, we can post you free samples of the fabrics you would like to see and feel.

QI’m converting a van into a Horsebox. Can you help?

Certainly! Over the last 30 + years we have made the upholstery for numerous DIY Horsebox conversions. Just contact us at any stage and we will happily work with you and give you options and costs.

QDo you re-upholster my old Horsebox cushions, or make brand new?

We can do either. If your cushions are still comfortable, we will Re-upholster them. If not, we can make some or all of your cushions brand new.

QCan you refill my existing Horsebox cushions with new fillings?

Yes, we have a professional cushion refilling service and if you’re not local we have a FREE Collection Service throughout Mainland UK to collect your Horsebox cushions.

QHow long does it take to re-upholster my Horsebox?

We can collect your Horsebox upholstery using a courier, or you can drop it in to us. In either case you will normally only actually be without your upholstery for around 3-4 weeks. However, our lead time before we can do your job varies according to the time of year. We’ll discuss this with you.

QI don’t live near Bristol. Can you still help?

Yes, we offer a FREE Collection Service throughout Mainland UK.

QHow do you collect my Horsebox upholstery?

We send you special packaging and once packed-up our courier would collect everything from your home. The exception to this are cab seats. These would not be safe to collect by courier so we are only able to re-trim these if you drop them in to us.

QHow many upholstery fabrics can I choose from?

We have over 1,000 on-going and clearance upholstery and curtain fabrics to choose from.

QDo you make washable seat covers?

Yes, we have over 200 fabrics in our Easy Care Range. These covers can be removed and machine washed. Please note these fabrics will not be removable if we use them to re-trim your Horsebox cab seats.

QDo you re-trim my Horsebox cab seats?

Yes, we can professionally re-trim your cab seats to match whatever we do for you in the living area of your Horsebox, assuming you are able to drop your cab seats in to us.

QDo you make and supply Horsebox curtains?

Yes, we make made-to-measure replacement Horsebox curtains in a very wide range of fabrics.