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Caravan & Boat Mattresses

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The original mattresses supplied with caravans, motorhomes and boats often leave a lot to be desired with regards to comfort, especially after a few years use!

If you have this problem, we’re fully geared up to help you!

Proudly made-to-measure in BristolWe offer excellent quality fire retardant foam mattresses which give a high standard of comfort, usually far superior to your average sprung mattress! They offer good durability, are non-allergenic and do not cause perspiration.


All of our mattresses come complete with a zip-off machine washable Polycotton cover or alternatively you can specify a waterproof cover if you prefer.

Odd Sizes & Shapes

As all of our mattresses are made in-house, non standard sizes and shapes like ‘cut off corners’ cause us absolutely no problem. In recent years we have also been asked for more and more ‘split’ mattresses to take the cot sides in caravans, so by now we’re quite used to them!

An example ‘SPLIT’ mattress A 'CUT-OFF-CORNER’ angled mattress
"Just wanted to say how pleased I am with the custom made covers for my VW California. Great fit and workmanship. Splendid work. Thanks very much. I shall post images on the California forum. I hope you get some repeat business out of it."
Guy Longmore

Mattress Foam Grades

We offer replacement mattresses in 3 different foam grades…


This is by far our best selling foam. It is high density and is the 'Rolls Royce' of all the foams we offer. It has a long life expectancy and a seven year guarantee.

It was one of the first foams specifically developed to help minimise the effects of moisture and so is ideal for use in a caravan, motorhome or boat. This grade is available in 'medium' or 'firm' versions and we will be pleased to advise which firmness would best suit your particular situation.


This is an excellent high density foam that gives good comfort and durability without going to the slightly higher cost of our 'supreme' grade. It's available in both 'medium' and 'firm' versions and we'll be pleased to advise you on which would be most suitable.


We have sold this foam grade successfully for many years, and although only available in a 'medium' version, we have found it suits the vast majority of customer's comfort requirements very well indeed.

This grade is not suited to use as cushions but is ideal for replacement mattresses in static holiday caravans, boats caravans and motorhomes etc.

It obviously does not have the same life expectancy as our other foam grades but it does offer a very good cost saving alternative.

Combination Mattresses

As well as supplying mattresses made from a single type of foam, we also offer ‘combination’ mattresses made from different firmness foams bonded together. Two popular ‘combinations’ are shown below:

3" MEDIUM & 3" FIRM sandwich mattress 1" MEDIUM & 4" FIRM sandwich mattress

We can make your combination mattress any thickness you wish.

Curved, angled and chamfered foam mattresses are not a problem for us! Please contact us for advice and a no-obligation quotation.

Mattress Prices

Our most popular sizes are shown below. ANY other sizes are available quickly, priced on request. For shaped mattresses please add 15%. All prices include a zip-on cotton cover.

72" x 48" x 2" (sofa bed) £167.00 £146.00 £120.00
72" x 24" x 4" £156.00 £142.00 £115.00
72" x 24" x 6" £215.00 £188.00 £144.00
72" x 27" x 6" £239.00 £208.00 £159.00
72" x 30" x 6" £263.00 £228.00 £174.00
75" x 36" x 6" £323.00 £279.00 £194.00
75" x 48" x 6" £426.00 £368.00 £255.00
75" x 51" x 6" £451.00 £390.00 £269.00
75" x 54" x 6" £476.00 £411.00 £283.00
78" x 60" x 6" £544.00 £470.00 £323.00
All prices shown include VAT @ 20%. Delivery to mainland UK is Free on all orders over £100.00. Orders under £100.00 incur a £8.95 handling and carriage charge. To place an order, please contact us by phone or e-mail us using the online form.

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Our foam starts life in huge blocks
Mattresses made to any shape
or size
A chamfered boat cushion
being precision cut
CBSCC Mattress Covers are made by our in-house machinists